Sunday, December 29, 2013

Texas, California embody red-blue divide

From the Washington Post:

California has been able to make progress after many years of stalemate in Sacramento because Democrats have the power to act, Brown said. But he also pointed to a downside of unified Democratic power — an almost limitless appetite by legislators to keep spending. “If I took my foot off the brake, we’d be back in the red within six months,” he said.

Texas has enjoyed a period of strong growth and continues to attract people and businesses. Californians argue they are rising again. More than any other pair of states, they stand as proxies for the national debate about the size and shape of government and which direction a divided America should go in the future.
The difference is the CA model just isn't sustainable.  But, then again, if energy prices take a nosedive, could TX rebound?  The answer is a strong most likely.  Why?  Because with low regulation barriers and fewer state laws, private commerce and businesses can quickly turn to other more profitable ventures.

If the CA model breaks down....what is your alternative?  There is none.

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