Saturday, December 7, 2013

U-Haul Index for December

Well, it looks like things have settled down for the winter and especially, Christmas.  This is normally the season few people move.  Kids are in school and no one wants to disrupt that.  Family, friends, food and drink.  And hopefully, deep spiritual reflection, too.

So, we see the U-Haul Index stabilizing:

Fresno ==> San Antonio, TX $1728

San Francisco ==> San Antonio $1395

San Antonio ==> Fresno  $691

San Antonio ==> San Francisco $821

Nothing of note here.  I have noticed that the cost of a U-Haul truck from New York has gone up dramatically.  Or, maybe it never went down.  But, the poor are fleeing there as well.  The cost was in the range of $2200 for the same size truck.  Just amazing.

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