Thursday, January 23, 2014

Desal can mitigate California’s water woes

Desalination in CA is fought against by environmentalists tooth and nail.  Articles I've read constantly criticize it and always brings up the gazillion sea critters that are sucked into the units each year.

But this article talks about the areas of the USA where it's been successful. Places such as, would you like to guess? TEXAS!!

Contrast that with Texas, which has less than half the coastline of California, but boasts nearly 100 desalination facilities, producing 138 million gallons of water per day fit for the Lone Star State’s homes and industries.

The reason Texas has found it much easier than drought-ridden California to bring desalination plants online is that environmental groups are less extreme in Texas than they are here in the Golden State.

Indeed, the Sierra Club’s Lone Star Chapter published a report this past November that recognizes the promise desalination represents. It “offers the potential,” said Ken Kramer, the chapter’s Water Resources Chair, “for taking pressure off freshwater resources that are vital to environment.”

Meanwhile, here in California, environmental groups are dead set against desal.

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