Wednesday, January 29, 2014

GOP pushes California drought bill Democrats call irresponsible

Is it really irresponsible to do something about the situation?  Not in the least.
Opponents say the Republican efforts would undermine endangered species, threaten crucial habitats and wreck delicate compromises reached in the past, all while steering more Northern California water to San Joaquin Valley farms.

“The Republicans continue to play politics with this tragic drought rather than bringing us all together to address this problem,” said Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer.
And we know the solutions that the Dems are famous for.  Such as shutting down the farming in the Valley and throwing tens of thousands of farm workers out of work.  Creating massive unemployment in the area.

And solutions to provide water to CA areas via desalination just keep falling on deaf ears.  And the Dems solution?

Well, that's easy: give less water to the people.  It's always their go-to solution.  Provide less.

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