Tuesday, February 11, 2014

“Google bus” protests spread to Seattle

You go, Lefties!  You spread your derision of wealth.  Go ahead!  Keep it up!  Your cities and counties will be emptied of the Producers.  And what will that leave you?  Poverty!

What complete and utterly totally stupid morons.
The Capital Hill City Blog reported that two masked protesters on Monday morning held a sign reading “Gentrification stops here” in front of a Microsoft corporate shuttle in Seattle’s Capital Hill neighborhood. The bus was apparently held up for about 45 minutes.

Another Seattle website, Tides of Flame, said that four other buses were similarly blocked in the neighborhood Monday.

The demonstrators passed out a flyer suggesting that tech-workers moving to the city — and commuting elsewhere — were infusing Seattle with their bland, one-dimensional lifestyle and “sucking out what’s left of Seattle’s soul.” The flier blamed tech workers for putting a pinch on housing and driving up housing costs.

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