Sunday, February 9, 2014

Is there a pulse in the California GOP?

Let's hope Kleinman wins.

On the issues, he says, “I am a very rational person. Things have to make sense.” Obamacare doesn’t, from his vantage. He acknowledges that portability and protection for preexisting illnesses were real problems. However, he says, “The real problem is not access to health care; it’s the cost. The most important problem is there is no market solution [in Obamacare].” On immigration he says the Senate bill was flawed, in part because it lacked a guest worker program that is essential to stopping the influx of illegal immigrants. (In the 1950s and 1960s, the Bracero program was successful in doing just that.) He says there has to be a solution for people already here. Like House leaders he says, “What people want most is to come out of the shadows.” But he warns, “The Republicans would be wrong to permanently disenfranchise these people.” He continues, “Listen, in the Senate bill it was 10 years until you get a green card and then five more until you could be a citizen. We have 15 years to convince them they don’t need to be Democrats.”

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