Thursday, February 27, 2014

Letter to Rush L. What is your trigger point?

I wrote this email to Rush.  I don't even think he got it.  I have a couple of old email addresses and one got returned to me.  But I think it is a valid questions for everyone to ask about themselves.  The question is, "What has to happen to get you into the streets to protest?"  But not necessarily even that.  Maybe it's an incident or series of incidences that get you to execute a plan or safety measures to protect your family.  But, whatever, here it is:

Oh, and one more thought; I always thought (wrongly) that a trigger point had to do with a firearm.  Stupid me! But, hey.  The term still fits.

I want to know: What is your trigger point?  At one point do you decide we've reached a point that is just beyond the pale and you take to the streets to protest?

[deleted person info]

But, I watch these youtube videos ( ) of people's reaction to their new healthcare costs because of Obamacare and it breaks my heart.  And they very calmly say "this is unacceptable".   But, in my opinion, that is the wrong response.  The correct response would be to take the insurance papers that they were given them showing the new numbers, stand in front of the news camera, rip them in half, clench them and through gritted teeth say "Obama, you will pay dearly for this.  You are DESTROYING my family.  I will destroy the Democratic Party with my money, with my vote and with my time until there is nothing left of them. You are the worst president to have ever lived and breathed and I will make sure the world never forgets it"

It amazes me that this was NOT the response.  Which made me ask "what is THEIR trigger?"

And so, I ask again, what is your trigger?  You are on the air 5 days a week arguing the issues, but it is sort of... kind of....academic.  Whal will finally send YOU to stand before a crowd and march on Washington leading the people on... your trigger issue.

Just like the Founding Fathers who finally put their lives on the line and signed the Declaration of Independence.  They stepped over the line and from that point on they put their lives, their fortune and sacred honor to the test.  That was their trigger.

So...what is your trigger?

So, since then we had the news about the FCC planning on a "study" [yeah, right! everyone says] of journalists.  If it turned out that the FCC was going to send people to study HIM, would that finally send him over the edge, sending him into the streets to protest?

Anyway, regardless of who you are, maybe it's time to start thinking about it.  What has to happen for you to finally say "enough is enough" and you start either trying to change the system or carry out a plan to protect you and your family.

Below is the youtube with the heartbreaking story.  I would be standing on the table railing against O'Bama.  I think their response was pathetic.

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