Friday, February 21, 2014

See, I Told You So: Media Not Upset by Notion of FCC Monitors in Newsrooms; Journalism Schools Behind the Idea

So, a CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITY behind this.  Why does this not surprise me?

"The scholars decided that 'critical information' is information that people need to 'live safe and healthy lives' and to 'have full access to educational, employment, and business opportunities' ..."
Of course!  It's all health related!   So, this is all in support of Obamacare!  So, now Obamacare can now mandate the CONTROL OF THE PRESS.

I mean, I'm not technically a journalist, because I laugh and smile and I love America. So I'm not a journalist. But there's cricket silence out there about this. Now, admittedly people like me are the target of this thing, and the Drive-By journalists do not think they're the targets. I guaran-damn-tee you that's why they're being silent. They don't think they're the targets.

They don't think Obama wants to shut them down and they know how to make sure he doesn't and that is: Just kiss ass. Every day, just keep kissing butt, that's all you gotta do. You've got a regime monitor in there. This is why I was telling Snerdley yesterday I think the media is going to like this. "There's a monitor in there! There's somebody who can report back to Obama how good I'm doing, how big a butt kisser I am.

"There's a monitor in there going to report right back to Obama what a great job I'm doing advancing the agenda." There's no fear in the Drive-Bys because they don't think they're the targets of this. (interruption) They don't know that. Snerdley says, "They've got to know they won't stay in power forever." You know what my dad used to always tell me? When he was being educated about communism and what it did to people...

You know, what it literally meant for people, how it did not just deny their freedoms but ended up with many of them dying. There's a wall built in countries to keep people in, not keep people out. You end up in political prisons, end up tortured. There is no upward mobility economically. The leaders take it all. There's literally nothing. It's an absolute dungeon of existence, and he always used to tell me that the people in the media don't realize they're going to be the first to shut up.

They're going to be the first silenced. They're going to be the first to go. Unless they're brought in line, unless they're willing to toe the line, unless they're willing to become absolute butt kissers and report everything written for them. If there's any dissent there, they're gone, because the state is going to control the media -- and anybody in the media who is not cool with that is going to be the first silenced.

And that's the truth.  The Leftist Journalists think they are ok and safe.  But that's not what will happen. By being merely employed by a media company such as CBS, NBC, or NYT is enough to disqualify you from being "safe".  You are tainted and will need to be purged by the Beloved Government.

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