Monday, March 10, 2014

A STRETCH: Documents reveal tobacco companies funded their own ‘tea party’ first

So the starting premise is that The Tea Party has its roots and original funding by the evil Big Tobacco. But as you read, you realize the whole connection is pretty bogus.  The two have absolutely nothing to do with each other other than some basic philosophical underpinnings.
Those two groups participated in the first round of tea party protests that captured national media attention in 2009, but they were not originally created under those names. As researchers Amanda Fallin, Rachel Grana and Stanton Glantz noted, they were were originally a single entity called Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE), an organization co-founded in the 1980s by billionaire industrialist David Koch to oppose regulation of tobacco and other air pollutants. Tobacco companies gave the organization millions of dollars to help fund efforts to engineer and organize “grassroots” advocates to speak against everything from federal tobacco regulation to smoking bans.
Oh!  Those evil Koch brothers!   The favorite Leftist Red Scare, so to speak.  And don't you love how they say "tobacco and other air pollutants"?  CSE fought against more than just regulations on "tobacco and other air pollutants".  But I guess that just sounds better and evil..ler.

And just because FW and AFP were involved doesn't mean they were calling the shots.  We know how the Tea Party got started (Santelli's rant started it all - but maybe the Koch Brothers orchestrateed that, too).  And we know that there are dozens of independent Tea Party chapters throughout the US that have no association with the Koch Brothers, AFP or FW. If anything, all we can say is that AFP and FW are just two of the many organizations that all fight for the same thing: stopping the Leftist train wreck.

So, in the end, all this article did was say "there were conservative organizations in the 80s".

So. What?

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