Sunday, March 16, 2014

ATF raids gun store despite restraining order protecting customer list

We have turned into a third world country.  This is lawlessness plain and simple.

When ATF agents began nosing around Ares Armor and started asking questions, the store obtained a temporary restraining order prohibiting the agency from seizing its product line and customer list. A hearing was scheduled for March 20 to litigate the issue.

However, on Saturday, ATF agents raided Ares pursuant to an ex parte order — an order obtained without notice to the other party, in this case Ares — and did just what Ares feared, according to the amateur video below.

What state is this? Oh yeah. CA.

Update here: 

On March 14th Federal Judge Janis L. Sammartino “modified” her TRO to allow the BATFE to conduct the raid pursuant to a warrant at the request of the ATF effectively nullifying her earlier TRO against the ATF in the case of Lycurgan Inc. v. Jones aka Ares Armor v. BATFE. The jack booted NAZIs of the ATF raided Ares Armor.

Morally disgusting.

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