Sunday, March 9, 2014

California’s Smart Egg Rules

Dumb article from the NYT.

Egg growers and some agricultural scientists say there is not enough evidence that eggs from hens that are given more space are safer than eggs from hens kept in battery cages. But several European studies have found that farms that pack hens in smaller spaces are more likely to test positive for salmonella than farms where hens have more room to move around. (The European Union banned the use of battery cages starting in 2012.)
Gee whizz, what stupidity. More salmonella? So what?  In the USA, we wash our eggs before they go on sale, Europe doesn't require the washing.  Even if there is salmonella, it's gone by the time the eggs are on the shelves.

And I've discussed the end results of the rules in Europe.  The small egg farms are getting crushed since they don't have the money to update their facilities to the new rules.  Adn we know what this means: HIGHER PRICES.

The NYT is ASTONISHED! that anyone would want to sue CA.  That's what happens when all of your friends are LEFTISTS.  You just can't believe there are hicks in the world who would think otherwise.

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