Saturday, March 29, 2014

Covered California made a liar out of me

Well, not ME.  The author of the article:
I have reviewed the situation with my insurance agent and with an attorney, and was told that it is not prudent to ignore these events: Applications are signed under penalty of perjury, and the onus remains on the applicant to ensure that all information transmitted to insurance companies and other governmental agencies is accurate.

Is this chain of events related to the glitch that took down the Covered California website for several days last month? Is it representative of a larger problem? Is there a chance the erroneous information will be shared? How did these errors get into my profile, anyway?

I'm fresh out of ideas on how to resolve this mess. All I know is that consumers are put in peril every time Covered California allows incorrect data to remain in its system. I see a lot that needs to be fixed here. The time to start addressing it is now.

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