Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hundreds start work at Fresno Covered California call center

Well, this explains the drastic change in the U-Haul Index for this month.

The new employees will undergo about three weeks of training, and they should be ready to tackle the phones by the end of the month.

Nearly 30 of the new hires will be devoted entirely to Spanish speaking clients. Covered California also has representatives trained to field questions in Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.

"We want to make sure those thousands of individuals across the state, have help when they need help," Lee said.

The Fresno Call Center has been open since the fall. They have about 100 employees, prior to the addition of the 250 employees. The Fresno Call Center, along with customer service representatives in call centers in the state, helps field calls from all over California.
As soon at the people moving out work through the surplus trucks, the rise will start back up again.

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