Monday, March 10, 2014

LA Times Columnist Proclaims The 'Study of Ignorance' Leads to Big Tobacco, The Nazis, Fox News, and The Tea Party

Yeah.  We all know about ignorance.  All we have to do is look at the completely dull witted believers in human caused Global Warming.  What ignorance!!

How naturally does this liberal arrogance – we are all-knowing and compassionate, you are “cultural producers of ignorance” – fit with journalistic “pedagogues” and propaganda-spreading teachers? An “educated populace” is a secular progressive populace.

In a similar vein, Hiltzik concluded February by assaulting "stimulus deniers," because if you can't see Obama's "stimulus" worked economic wonders, then you've never looked at a chart, or wanted to:

[University of Wisconsin professor Menzie] Chinn observes (and shows his work via a series of telling slides) that the launch of ARRA coincides almost exactly with the bottoming out of the stock market, the reversal of a trend of increasing negative GDP growth and an almost unbroken record of positive growth since the end of the first quarter of 2009.

"The burden of proof," he writes, "lies on those who assert the beginning of the recovery is due to anything, anything (Fed balance sheet expansion, TARP -- both implemented six months earlier -- sunspots, or the return of Ancient Aliens) but the policies implemented by the Obama Administration."

....As we enter year six of the stimulus era, with yet another disappointing reading on GDP, it's important to keep all that in mind: The stimulus works, it should have been bigger, and the impulse to replace it with austerity measures has done nothing but hurt workers and businesses. Anyone who claims otherwise doesn't know how to read an economic chart, or doesn't want to.

Oh yeah.  Tell the millions who quit looking for work that TARP was a really good idea.  I know they are all throwing up their hands yelling "Thank God for TARP!!"

And with the trillions the Federal Reserve has absorbed in Treasury Bonds and bad mortgages, we're still not even treading water.  So, if we spent a QUADRILLION dollars, do they honestly think it would have made a difference?

Talk about ignorance!

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