Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rush for gun permits following overturn of California firearms law

The flood gates are open.  Now, finally, you'll start to see a reduction in crime.
Adam Winkler, a UCLA professor and renowned expert on gun laws, told Maura Dolan and Tony Perry of the Los Angeles Times that the February decision was “a huge victory for gun owners in California.”

“They have been seeking the right to carry concealed weapons for years now,” he said, adding that from a regulatory perspective, California's 2012 ban on open carrying was a mistake. “Gun control advocates have no one but themselves to blame for this ruling. You have to give someone some option to carry a gun.”

Since that decision, a number of county officials have come forward to report that the number of applications has surged. While not all of them disclosed official numbers, the Orange County Sheriff's Department told AP that it has received over 1,000 applications since the ruling – twice the amount that it typically receives annually.

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