Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sage Grouse Rebellion

Tell the Federal Government to take a hike.
Almost half the land west of the Mississippi belongs to the federal government, including 48% of California, 62% of Idaho and 81% of Nevada. No surprise that the Obama Administration wants to control more. But the result could be to suppress the country's booming oil and gas development.

In partnership with green activists, the Department of Interior may attempt one of the largest federal land grabs in modern times, using a familiar vehicle—the Endangered Species Act (ESA). A record 757 new species could be added to the protected list by 2018. The two species with the greatest impact on private development are range birds—the greater sage grouse and the lesser prairie chicken, both about the size of a barnyard chicken. The economic stakes are high because of the birds' vast habitat.
I think the answer is to quickly wipe out the endangered species.  That way, the Extremists will have nothing to use to stop HUMANITY from moving forward.

We need the Federal Government to get out of the land business.  They are lousy caretakers of the vast swaths of land.
It was probably inevitable that the Obama Administration's alliance with greens would come into direct conflict with the economic boon the West is enjoying from shale gas and oil development. The Interior Department may say the ESA requires protection for the sage grouse and prairie chicken, but the damage to human beings would be enormous.
We are experiencing the worst economy since the Great Depression, yet our president has proven he is not up to the job of securing freedom and liberty for Americans and job creation.  I can't tell whether it's because he is diabolically evil and doesn't want Americans to have jobs or he is just too stupid.

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