Monday, March 17, 2014

Six reasons why the entire state of California is in danger of becoming the next Detroit

And the Leftists will step back to take in all that they have done.  They will smile and nod saying "now THIS is paradise!"

From The Blaze:

Blaze Books sat down for an in-depth interview in TheBlaze’s New York newsroom this past Tuesday with former Reagan appointee and California-based lawyer and political communications company executive Jim Lacy, author of “Taxifornia,” to discuss the major challenges facing California that threaten to turn the state into one big version of Detroit.


“California continues to uphold regulations that define the smell of baking bread as a pollutant. And a bakery was actually fined millions of dollars in the last few months in Lodi, California for not having proper cleansers on it’s emission of the smell of baking bread.

Many of the regulations don’t have appropriate cost-benefit analyses attached to them. So you’ll go to the extremes and have people who’ll say and will actually get to the elected officials with ideas like banning fireplaces in residential homes. Actually banning them. Trying to close down fireplaces in homes that exist. And then having discussion about “Well, we can’t do that so for new residential developments you actually can’t have a fireplace.” In Santa Barbara you can’t burn wood in fireplaces. What you can do according to local regulation is you can have a light switch put up a weak flame. California can be whacky and many of the environmental laws that we have are not really based on a rational cost-benefit analysis, and because right-thinking people have been so out of power for so long, it’s just gotten worse and worse and worse.”

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