Friday, March 21, 2014

Target U.S.A.: Greens Wage War on American Natural Gas

From Townhall:

Michael Brune, the Sierra Club’s radical executive director, claimed that “this letter is not in response to what’s happening in Crimea. But clearly it’s a big part of the conversation. The idea that U.S. gas exports could address the human-rights abuses that we’re seeing in Crimea reflects a lack of comprehension and lack of vision.”

Unlike Brune, Putin realizes that energy is a powerful tool. In 2012, just over a third of Europe’s natural-gas imports derived from Russia (most of that travels through Ukraine). The Kremlin-run Gazprom alone accounts for one-fourth of all natural gas used in the European Union. Ukraine itself gets 70 percent of its gas from Russia, and other Eastern Europeans are even more reliant.

In 2009, 2008, and 2006, Putin turned off the taps, cutting natural gas that flows through Ukrainian pipelines and causing major energy disruptions there and beyond. And last fall, as Moldova drew closer to Europe, Russia’s deputy prime minister threatened, “Energy supplies are important in the run-up to winter. I hope you won’t freeze.”

I was in Germany in 2006 when the natural gas spigot was turned off.  I didn't feel any affects, so I don't know how we kept the heat on in our apartment.  But it was a BIG DEAL.

But let's not just think in terms of Europe.  Let's look at the Far East.  Like China.  China is coal rich and natural gas poor.  If we wanted to clean up OUR AIR, it would be in our best interest to sell them some of our natural gas.  The massive amounts of mercury that is coming over from there would at the very least not get worse and might even decrease.

But of course, the real solution is to STOP EXPORTING OUR MANUFACTURING to China, but in the absence of that, we would be doing ourselves a great service by bringing back our dollars by selling them our natural gas.

Leftists are so short-sighted it just boggles the mind.  What sad specimens for human beings they are.

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