Thursday, March 6, 2014

U-Haul Index for March

I haven't been able to keep track of the numbers in a spreadsheet like I used to.  Some day I'll go back and fill in the blanks.  Traveling overseas causes one to rearrange one's life. But anyway, here are the numbers for March:

San Francisco ==> San Antonio  $1395
San Antonio ==> San Francisco  $616

Fresno ==> San Antonio $998
San Antonio ==> Fresno  $845

Wow!   What a drop in the Fresno to San Antonio route!  That is not what I would have expected.  With the draught I would have thought the numbers of people moving out would jump dramatically.  Either anyone that is left is happy to stay, or there is no one left to move out.  The other explanation is that U-Haul finally addressed the problems in Fresno and have diverted more trucks to the city.

I'm really curious how this all plays out now.

Just to remind you, I pull the numbers from the website.  I base it on the 14' truck that is used for moving the furniture and belongings of a family living in a two bedroom apartment.

UPDATE:  Looks like CA established a large call center in Fresno.  I have an blog post about it here.

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