Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Venezuela: the ‘malandro’ nation

I've decided to chronicle the evils of Communism past and present, to remind the future what it is and was like.  Venezuela is al most textbook in most regards. 
Hugo Chávez died a year ago and today Venezuela is suffering his unfortunate legacy. Although the country sits on the world’s largest oil reserves, the economy is a train wreck in slow motion. Inflation is running at an annual rate of 56 per cent and there are chronic shortages of basic goods. The country is politically riven, as seen in the violent protests of the past three weeks. If it was not for Ukraine, Venezuela’s chaos would be on the homepages of news websites everywhere. Instead it risks slipping under the radar, a potentially dangerous oversight.
The article is, unfortunately, sympathetic toward Chavez.  A huge mistake.  Maybe FT is sympathetic towards Communism. If so, then they are as stupid as Chavez was.

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