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Not literally blind, but philosophically blind.
The GOP's relentless opposition has been puzzling. Republicans have resorted to extreme measures to try to derail Obamacare, including an implicit threat to prevent the National Football League from participating in a marketing campaign to encourage people to sign up.

So, then you read the comments.  And here are a few samples:
JJ:    Dear Cynthia - for every person that signs up - there is an equal counterpart that the ACA hurts. My company had to drop my current coverage and my rates went up to $325 a week! When I went to sign up for the ACA It was even more. So please tell me how the other persons right for affordable health care is more important than mine? In fact, Cynthia, lets do the math...$325x4= $1300 a month (A nice house payment) x 12= $15,600 a year - oh wait, then there is the $5,000 deductible!!!! But I am forced to sign up or pay over a $1,000 penalty?

Its strange - could it be that Democrats, want millions of americans to be so dependent on the government that they can control them?
America1st:   I guess I am One of those Irrational People The Story is Referring to. We are Retired on SS and Have Medicare My Secondary Insurance Thanks to OhVomit Care Just Went up $10.00 a MONTH SHY OF Triple Yep I am Pizzed Off So I Guess I am Irrational alright! Just Wait Until This Coming November when ALL Us IRRATIONAL People Vote All The Democrats that Shoved this Bill Down Our Throats Without Ever Reading IT! Please Excuse My Poor Spelling and Grammar But I did Not Get to GO to Harvard like Barrack Obama. But at Least I Know We Only Have 50 States NOT 57 Like The Liar In Chief Thought during His First Campaign. Before you Liberal Sheep Start Calling Me a Liar GOOGLE It or GO On YOU Tube They Keep Putting the Video Back Up After Obama Has it Taken Down!
Soren:  It does not deal with costs. I voted for Obama the first time and ACA was a stab in the back for those who voted for him. ACA favors insurance companies and the healthcare industry by giving them a windfall and a mandate that nobody in America can refuse to sign up. Because of that healthcare can charge whatever they want and people will still have to pay the higher and higher premiums and deductibles. I saved my whole working life to pay for healthcare, I don't need ACA and yet I am still forced to buy it. I am forced to be a party to this new European socialism. WE are not Europe and we never wanted to be. Nothing about those other countries and America are the same, comparing us to Europe is dead wrong. I can get better healthcare for much less in Costa Rica and have it all done in a week while pay cash for it. I should have that choice. I should have the choice to chose not to get a staff infection that is so common in the hospitals where I live. I alone should decide on my own healthcare.
sjax63:  I'm sorry Ms Tucker but your attempt to justify ACA completely fell off the table with the vast majority of people in the West Georgia community I live in. The coffee shops, barber shops, church lobbies, sports clubs and on and on are awash with family disappointment - premium increases (several as much as doubled), ridiculous deductibles, long time doctors and dentists out of network - Good God Almighty, mam, get out of your infatuation pants and pay attention. I am thrilled about your friend and all those getting a break with insurance but please read with an open mind many of the alternative ideas being presented by several compassionate legislators and others. Pay attention to the incredible amount of tax dollars spent and to be be spent on this foolish law. Eventually the ACA will have to be severely adjusted to return the greater number of families med. care solvency.
Steven   Why doesn't Ms Tucker do actual analysis instead of a promotional piece? I don’t care if you like ACA or not, don’t make statements like “She is one of more than 7 million people who have signed up for health insurance through the ACA, stark evidence of the overwhelming market demand“and expect to be taken seriously…

First, this isn't optional…it’s the law. The fact that millions more have decided to not obey the law speaks much more loudly…we passed a law and have extended the deadline yet a larger percentage have chosen to violate the law versus comply…and you think that translates to "overwhelming market demand?"

Second, ACA resulted in the cancellation of millions of individual’s policies - nearly the same as the number of new enrollees…estimates vary but it’s a safe swag to say that one million of the new enrollees were previously uninsured…I remember the issue was getting insurance for the 44 million uninsured…how’s that working? Only 2-3 percent of the target population have signed up, and you think that translates to "overwhelming market demand?

There are positives and negatives about the ACA, but having blind partisan pieces like this one is no better that Fox “news”
Ben: Cool, you found one person helped by the ACA. I can give you a list of 38 employees who are all losing their current, excellent, coverage that included dental and eye and are having it replaced with a plan that will cost DOUBLE what the previous plan costs losing all dental and all eye coverage. So they pay double the price, no longer get dental check-ups and can no longer get up to TWO free pairs of eyeglasses (up to a limit of $350 PER PAIR, $700 a year). These are the employees of my father's small business. Their old plan no longer exists according to the insurance company. My father now isn't hiring full-time employees because it's cheaper to hire two part-timers and save money on insurance (including worker's comp). So why do I oppose Obamacare?

Simple, because it's been proven time and time again that when big businesses feels threatened, or can find a way to improve margins by blaming it on something "out of their control," they are going to do it. I was saying at the beginning of the debate that people's plans were going to be canceled regardless and premiums were going to go up, all being blamed on the ACA. And what happened? Plans canceled and rates have skyrocketed. Wow! Who saw that coming? Literally everyone who has a head for business. What a win-win for private insurers! Rates get to go up, the government is going to foot the bill of most people signing up so they get boatloads of literally guaranteed money, and they aren't going to have to pay as much to deliver the "minimum" required care. So those 7 million people get insurance, and my choice is to either pay for substandard insurance or pay a $95 fine off my federal tax return. Well, since I didn't get a tax return (I owed New York $130, somehow, so that wiped out my federal return) I guess I'll just pay the fine since I don't feel as though $500 is justifiable for health care that gives me one check-up and free birth control. Last I checked, not having a uterus was an amazing form of birth control and since my last check-up was pointless, as I'm in my 20's, I'll just pay myself $500 and call it "Bencare." Huh, guess I'm just a fuddy duddy Republican who hates the idea of other people having insurance. God forbid logic step in and tell me something is obviously a stupid idea unless you are either a Medicaid recipient or the CEO of Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
These are very perceptive comments.  Pulitzer Prize winner?  Are you kidding?

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