Tuesday, April 15, 2014

California Soda Scolds Push Unnecessary Warnings

Sodas have been sold in the USA for over 100 years.  You would think that if they were that bad we'd know it and it would be almost self-evident. So, why the heck do we need warning labels?

The fact is, Californians already suffer from “warning fatigue,” inundated as they are with warning labels on everything from fishing rods to Christmas lights. This is largely due to the state’s Proposition 65, a misguided and overbroad piece of legislation that requires all products with supposed cancer-causing chemicals to carry warning labels. Loved by trial lawyers (who make a killing off lawsuits), and hated by everyone else, Prop 65 means that another warning label will simply get lost in the traffic and be ignored, which, let’s face it, all warning labels that don’t alert people to imminent danger are.

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