Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Latino assemblyman: Asians not ‘people of color’

Well, I think we have finally reached the very definition of Racist.  What's ironic is that Hispanics are NOT considered a "race".  They are lumped together with people who are considered the disgusting term "Anglos".  In other words, White.

In a way, he is sort of right.  The term "People of Color" was used from the early 1800s to describe Blacks and probably half-Blacks.  But, in a general sense, "People of Color" is just that; anyone other than whites.  It most certainly was NOT EVER used to describe Hispanics.

And this makes Alejo's selective use of the term all the more despicable - and racist.

What makes it delicious is that Alejo’s omission of Asian-Americans from “students of color” status so undercuts majority Democrats’ attempts to stop the Latino-Asian rift from growing.

What makes it obnoxious is that Alejo acts as if he holds the moral high ground in advocating for a return to UC admissions policies that punished Asian-American students with de facto quotas — in the name of atoning for white racism.

Racial justice? Social justice?

Joke justice.
Dems aren't racist, until they are.

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