Saturday, April 26, 2014

More renounce US citizenship but deny stereotype

Yeah.  But as you read it, you realize 50% of the people interviewed gave up their US Citizen BECAUSE of the taxation and the extreme heavy handedness of the Federal Government.

The article mentions that the first $96,600 earned abroad isn't taxed.  If it were only that easy.  First of all, even if you earn under that amount, you're required to file a tax return.  Second of all,  it isn't like they lop off the $96,600 and you just pay taxes on the remaining as some sort of adjusted income tax rate.  No!   This amount is taxed at the HIGHER TAX Bracket.  So, if you earn $100,000 your adjusted income isn't $3,400 which would mean you would pay no taxes.  No.  You would pay taxes at whatever tax bracket you were in at $100,000.  Say it's 25% (maybe it's lower).  That means you would owe $850.  What trickery!

I don't think it's a coincidence that there are RECORD NUMBERS of people jumping the USS America during a period of time the President has screwed up healthcare, has targeted American Citizens as enemies of the state due to their conservative ideals, allowed Quantitative Easing enriching the few and impoverishing the many, passing onerous regulations shuttering coal power plants in the process,  throwing thousands of people out of work, disallowing the XL Pipeline from being constructed that, keeping thousands of people from getting good paying jobs to put food on their tables, confiscating the land of honest citizens by the hands of unelected officials who are accountable to NO ONE, raising the taxes on the peoples of this country at a time we need less spending by the Federal government, not more, proliferating the deep surveilling  of innocent US Citizens in the vague notion that this is protection, forcing companies who uphold their religious convictions against certain medical services that are in direct conflict with said convictions, and the complicit encouragement of militarizing of civil law enforcement.

Do I have to continue?

It's clear to me we don't need to amend the US Constitution.  We need a New Declaration of Independence.  Let's give people reasons to stay US citizens.

Six years after Tapanila's husband lost his job at a Boeing factory in Washington state and they moved to Canada for work, the couple became citizens of their new country. She says U.S. consular officials told her that, by swearing allegiance to Canada, she might well have lost her American citizenship.

After retiring from a job as an administrative assistant at an oil company in Calgary, Tapanila began putting $125 a month into a special savings account for her developmentally disabled son, matched by the Canadian government. In her will, she authorized creation of a trust fund to draw on retirement savings and other assets to provide for her son, who is now 40, after her death.

Tapanila says she didn't know she was required to file U.S. tax returns until 2007, when her daughter raised the subject. Her troubles were compounded by her decision to apply for a U.S. passport after a border officer told her she should have one. She has since spent $42,000 on fees for lawyers and accountants and paid about $2,000 in U.S. taxes, including on funds in her son's disability savings account.

In 2012 she turned in the passport, renouncing U.S. citizenship to protect money saved for her retirement and her son. Tapanila, 70, has tried and failed to renounce U.S. citizenship on his behalf, saying officials told her such a decision must be made by the individual alone.

"You know, we are not rich people and we are not tax evaders and we are not traitors and I'm more than tired of being labeled that way," Tapanila says.

"I'm sorry that I've given my son this burden and I can do nothing about it ... I thought we had some rights to go wherever we wanted to go and some choices we could make in our lives. I thought that was democracy. Apparently, I've got it all wrong."

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