Friday, April 18, 2014

The Milwaukee advantage Provade thrives after moving from Silicon Valley

Yes, there is life after CA.
"Over time, Milwaukee was just a much easier place and a better place to hire and to have employees," Parks said. "It just happened naturally. Attrition happened in other areas and growth continued happening (in Milwaukee)."

The fact that the company was able to find continued growth after relocating, "speaks volumes for technology and innovation in Milwaukee," said Tom Rumberg, Provade vice president of technology and a Bay Area native.

"In the right environment, that Midwestern mentality really helps with innovation," Rumberg said. "Having worked in Silicon Valley and worked here (in Milwaukee), I am a lot more open and free to work here than I ever was there."

And this quote is the money shot: "We've added more staff here than we ever did in California," Rumberg said. "Each person we have hired has had a meaningful impact on the value of our product."

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