Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Rise of the Anti-Tech California Left

Ed Driscoll is really incredible.  But none of this surprises me.  Pure, unadulterated Statism is anti-West which means it is anti-anything that smacks of western culture which means it HAS to be against technology.

A Civil War between the grassroots Left, in other words, which is occurring simultaneously and intersecting with the ongoing battle for control among the party’s elite, and connected by Henry Hazlitt’s 1966 definition of Marxism:

The whole gospel of Karl Marx can be summed up in a single sentence: Hate the man who is better off than you are. Never under any circumstances admit that his success may be due to his own efforts, to the productive contribution he has made to the whole community. Always attribute his success to the exploitation, the cheating, the more or less open robbery of others.

A segment on the radical anti-progress, success-envying Luddite anarcho Bay Area Left sounds like it would catnip to a TV news network struggling in the ratings and looking to break the cycle from the one story it’s been obsessing on for an extended period.
No matter what, the People will lose.

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