Saturday, May 3, 2014

Brian LeNeve: Measure O is a clear threat to desalination progress

CA is a hellhole of rabid anticapitalists who don't give a shit about the people.  I've never seen anything like it.  Public ownership of anything is to almost ensure it will remain low quality and mismanaged.
This initiative is a clear threat to the progress made toward a desalination plant — the long-awaited best solution, and vital element in the effort to restore the Carmel River. Without an alternate source of water, the Carmel River will continue to be an unreliable source for our water needs, further threatening the watershed and its inhabitants, and creating an impasse with the CDO. Not only has the chronic overpumping from the Carmel River had a devastating effect on our regional environment, particularly the threatened steelhead population, the level of water diversions from the Carmel River is unsustainable. Proceeding as outlined in Measure O will exacerbate the problem and come at too great a cost to our environment and natural resources.

The backers claim that passing Measure O will not delay the desalination project while in fact they already have attempted to do just that. When borehole permits were needed from the Marina City Council to test supply source, takeover backers and leaders sent letters opposing the permits and testified at the hearing arguing for denial. Fortunately the Marina City Council approved the testing permits. Failure to allow the drilling would have succeeded in delaying the project another six months, time our community cannot afford. We believe backers of Measure O will continue to oppose progress in the future. Even without additional stalling measures, just the amount of time spent on this initiative is taking away from needed progress and the community unity needed to meet the CDO. If we're going to protect our natural resources and fragile steelhead habitat for future generations, we must focus on complying with the 1995 State Water Resources Control Board order to obtain a new water supply.
And this from the Monterey County Libertarian  Party:

The Libertarian Part of Monterey County executive committee has voted to oppose Measure O, which proposes a government takeover by eminent domain of Cal Am’s water business. Not only is the state a coercive monopoly, it is also an extremely inefficient one. And that is because government has no reason to succeed since it cannot legally fail. Worse, state endeavors are often rewarded with more money and power if they perform poorly. In fact, I coined an aphorism to describe this phenomenon: “Government succeeds by failing.” And that is what will happen if the government takes control of Cal Am. It is bad enough that Cal Am is a state-sanctioned monopoly, but a complete government monopoly is the epitome of a non-competitive process. If people want lower water rates, they need more competition, not less. That could be accomplished by allowing easy access to Cal Am water pipe infrastructure by smaller water companies.

One good example to cite is the city of Lubbock, Texas, where citizens have the choice of electric utility providers, resulting in some of the lowest electricity costs in the state of Texas. Competition always works; monopolies do not, especially those owned and operated by a government entity.

Measure O will allow the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District (MPWMD) to use eminent domain to seize the local water company. This is the type of tactic that Mussolini used in Italy in the 1930s, nationalized fully three-fourths of Italian businesses by 1935. We don’t need more government monopolies. We don’t need Italian Fascism. Vote NO on Measure O on June 3, 2014.
There's nothing like the morning smell of Eminent Domain in the air!!

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