Saturday, May 24, 2014

California budget: New rules on overtime threaten in-home aide program

Well, this is rich.  A Socialist President screwing a Socialist State.
While the president's call for overtime pay sounded like a win for low-wage workers, the new federal rules that take effect in January could, ironically, end up bankrupting families like the Millans.

To keep a lid on costs, Gov. Jerry Brown wants to cap the number of hours home aides, including family members, are allowed to work each month. Critics say the proposal, aimed at avoiding paying the aides overtime, threatens the entire IHSS system -- in which 70 percent of recipients are cared for by a relative.

Disability advocates and some Democratic lawmakers have rejected Brown's plan and are girding for a budget battle over the proposal, which the administration says will save the state almost $100 million in the next fiscal year.

"These people have our lives in their hands, literally," said Cherie Millan, a former travel agent whose family was forced to move from Redwood City to less-costly Sacramento after losing their home because of the expense of caring for Molly.

"This was not a path we chose," she said, "but we stepped up to the plate for our daughter when she needed us -- and the fact that I'm still here fighting for my $10 an hour job is ludicrous."

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