Saturday, May 17, 2014

Don’t write epitaph for California’s business climate after Toyota move, experts say

And yet...the article does just that!
Joe Vranich, a “business relocation coach” based in Irvine, helps companies in California and elsewhere leave for states where they can conduct business more cheaply and more efficiently. He said he is currently working with another Los Angeles-area firm considering moving to Plano, Texas, which is where Toyota is heading.

He called Plano an excellent fit for Toyota and its employees. The company will consolidate its operations in a place with less regulation and fewer taxes. And the 3,000 or so employees who will be given the opportunity to move from Torrance will enjoy a better quality of life — at least by some measures. Vranich said an income of $50,000 in Torrance is worth about $68,000 in Plano.

“The quality of life in California is best when it comes to weather, and these days that’s about it,” Vranich said. “There are so many places in the United States now where, compared to L.A., the schools are better, the roads are better, the traffic is less congested, taxes are lower and housing prices are lower. In many cases, like Plano, the crime rate is lower.”

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