Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Have You Taken a Good Look Around Your Child's Classroom Lately?

This is incredible:
Last fall, my daughter started attending public school here in Los Angeles. On the first day, her teacher sent home a note welcoming everyone to her classroom and letting us as parents know what was provided within the school's budget, and what was not. For example, photocopies were not covered. The teachers at Delilah's school are asked to pay for every xerox out of their own pocket. The same is true of most things being used by our children every day in the classroom -- crayons, markers, storybooks, toys. I'd say text books, but our class doesn't use textbooks, the children are given photocopies of workbooks to practice their reading and writing skills. You get the gist. It's not an ideal situation.
So, no schoolbooks.  So, there is money saved there. But then charge the parents for photocopies?

And then, there's this:

What I couldn't stop wondering was how could a map sit there for 23 years, with thousands of parents and possibly hundreds of school personnel passing through that classroom and no one, not one person saying, "Hey wait a second, I'm going to take the ten minutes and $9 out of my own day to replace that inaccurate learning tool both for my child and the rest of the children who still have the U.S.S.R., Czechoslovakia, and Constantinople on their list of places to visit."
An obsolete map of the SOVIET UNION was still plastered to the wall.

We have two things going on here.  First, that teachers would be so stupid as to leave an old map up. One that is so obviously not right.  And second, that the school doesn't have the money to buy a new one!

Weekly Standard has an article that cites what LA doles out per pupil in 2012:
Schaeffer calculated that Los Angeles, which claims $19,000 per-pupil spending, actually spends $25,000.
And parents have to buy photocopies in lieu of books and the the school can't buy maps?  You guys need to start asking the hard questions. Where the hell is the money going?

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