Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mitch McConnell Wins Republican Primary Despite Opposition From Conservatives

Sorry. I don't vote Republican anymore. Until I see a real change, I sit on the sidelines. I see very little difference in any of them. I'm sick of throwing away my vote on watered down conservatives. Because in the end NOTHING CHANGES. And I find that disgusting.
We'll continue to have Obamacare. 
We'll still have trillion dollar deficits. 
We'll still have rampant NSA surveillance. 
We'll still have Federal Land grabs. 
We'll still have EPA shutdown of industries and trying to choke the last dying breath out of the American worker. 
We'll still have the militarizing of our police forces. 
We'll still find ourselves facing the worst fiscal crises we will have had to endure since the founding of this country.
And it saddens and disgusts me greatly that more Republicans don't see this.

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