Thursday, May 29, 2014

NEW: People leaving CA a ‘success’ story?

Calwatchdog has chimed in on Joe Mathews eye rolling article. In his article Mathews calls people who are just plain fed up with CA's high taxes, onerous regulations, etc as colonizers.  In effect, CA is successfully colonizing other states.  Talk about nonsense!
If that’s the case, then Michigan is an even bigger “success.” When I got out of the U.S. Army in Feb. 1982, I returned to my native Great Lakes State. Unemployment was a Great Depression-level 16 percent. People were streaming out for Texas or wherever, bringing with them our Michigan charm and tolerance for cold weather.

I drove my father’s car around the Detroit area for weeks looking for work. This was a place where, just nine years before, anyone with a heartbeat could get a great factory job paying the equivalent in 2014 dollars of $120,000 a year. Nothing.

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