Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Obama seizes N.M. land for national monument in Bundy-like showdown

Yet another land-grab.  The Federal Government needs to get OUT of the business of owning land.  Give it to the people or the state.  Pray tell, what is the purpose of having a state if the Feds can theoretically own it all? If you want to change something, change THIS.

In fact, take it to the extreme conclusion.  What IF the Federal Government decided to confiscate all land?  Besides being pure Communism, what would that leave the States?  They already own 87% of Nevada.  From what I can tell, there is NOTHING in place to stop them from doing that to ALL of the states.

Sheriff Garrison said that will shut down roads that his department uses to patrol the land, though he said the cartels are unlikely to stop using it just because it is declared wilderness.

“My fear is these areas will be used more than they are now because they’ll have access to it that will be private and closed off to every law-abiding citizen,” the sheriff said. “I believe this monument will hamper law enforcement’s ability to effectively patrol the area we need to patrol.”

Administration officials said the declaration will incorporate a 2006 agreement between the Interior Department and the Homeland Security Department that allows U.S. Border Patrol some access to the land.

That agreement prevents most routine patrols through wilderness, though it does allow them to continue to follow smugglers in hot pursuit. 
The agreement has been controversial for both sides of the immigration debate. Environmentalists and some immigrant rights advocates argue that the Border Patrol has used the arrangement to trample pristine land. Border security advocates say agents’ hands are tied when they are in pursuit of illegal immigrants and drug smugglers.

Rep. Rob Bishop, a Utah Republican who has studied the issue, argues that the environmental restrictions have indeed hurt the Border Patrol’s ability to do its job.
Animal rights should NEVER EVER trump property rights.

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