Thursday, May 29, 2014


If you have to dough, you might want to check this out.  I think I could buy one coin, but that's about it.
Prices range from the low thousands, to the millions.  Wow!!

Article on SFGATE.COM:

The Saddle Ridge coin being auctioned Tuesday night is expected to go for more than $4,200. The pieces up for grabs on will be valued at $2,575 on the low end, and in six figures on the high end.

Most of the remaining hoard will be sold privately "to sophisticated buyers" through Kagin's numismatist website,, the dealer said. The rest - a few coins at most - will be kept as keepsakes by the couple who found the stash.

They made the discovery last year when they were walking their dog and noticed the decaying top of a coin-filled can poking out of the ground, Kagin said. They didn't reveal the treasure until after they contacted the dealer and had it appraised.

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