Monday, May 19, 2014

Santa Barbara Council Starts Reactivation Process for Desalination Plant

Because expensive water is better than no water.

The Charles Mayer Desalination Plant at 525 E. Yanonali St. was built in 1991 as a temporary facility to deal with the 1986-91 drought. Right after being completed, the “Miracle March” rains filled up local reservoirs and the plant was put into long-term storage mode.

It uses a reverse-osmosis design that pumps seawater through filters to catch the solid matter, and then pure seawater is pumped at high pressure through semi-permeable membranes to separate out the drinking water. Seawater is pumped from an intake station three-quarters of a mile offshore, and there’s a question of whether that system will be allowed now, decades after the last permits were issued.
But the plant won't be operational until 2016!  But the environmentalists response was to die for:

Speakers from two environmental groups told the City Council to be cautious about moving forward.

Susan Jordan, director of the California Coastal Protection Network, has spent 15 years studying desalination and has spent the last several years fighting the Poseidon Water desalination facility proposed for Huntington Beach. Poseidon has to study subsurface water intake now instead of the open-water intake methods for pumping seawater into the facility, Jordan said.

And thanks to their shortsightedness, CA is all the less for it.  Thanks for nothing!

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