Sunday, May 4, 2014

Teens Sue Federal Government for Not Creating Climate Change Action Plan

I picked this up from Gateway Pundit.

The brainchild of University of Oregon's Mary Wood, the faculty director of the school's Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program, ATL takes a "macro" approach to what Wood considers to be a "civilizational threat."

"Hurricane Katrina was a watershed moment for me," Wood, an expert in environmental law, told Nature World News. "I dropped everything to focus on what had been written on climate change."
Junk Science!  Junk Science!  Junk Science!

Speaking of Junk Science, has this to say:

Weatherbell reports:

• North Atlantic tropical cyclone ACE is 71% below normal. 5th lowest since 1950.

• Northern Hemisphere ACE is 55% below normal. Lowest since 1977.

• Global ACE is 47% below normal. Lowest since 1977.

Meanwhile the IPCC has “low confidence” that global warming will make more or more intense hurricanes.
I claim BS on her "watershed moment".  Indoctrination on the level of North Korea. How disgusting.

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