Sunday, May 18, 2014

THIS is the sign of success?? MO ObamaCare Contractor Paid Employees to PLAY HANGMAN Instead Of Working (Video)

Gateway Pundit picked up an article on this.  I just don't see this as a sign that Obamacare is successful at all.  This sounds like a complete failure.

A Missouri Obamacare Contractor said her supervisor would lead employees in team games instead of working. Employees at Serco Corporation in Wentzville, Missouri, outside of St. Louis, told reporters this week that they are being paid to do nothing.

Serco is being paid by the government to process paper applications of those signing up for Obamacare. But, employees said, instead of working, they were just sitting at their desk most of the day.

Wow.  And here's another one that is on youtube:

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