Saturday, May 17, 2014

Top CA GOP senator backs bilingual ed

Watching the death of the GOP in CA.  Bilingual education?  English education will turn into Spanish education.

A notable Golden State Republican just made a U-turn on 16 years of education policy: Sens. Bob Huff, R-Diamond Bar. He jointed majority Democrats in a vote of the California Senate Education Committee to recommended adding an initiative to the 2016 ballot that would restore bilingual education to the state public school system.
In an impassioned broadside against the state Senators, Unz has restated the political case for English-only education. “We were opposed by every California union, every political slate, and almost every newspaper editorial board,” he wrote, “and were outspent on advertising by a ratio of 25-to-1. But despite this daunting array of influential opponents, our initiative still passed with one of the largest political landslides of any contested measure in state history, winning over 61 percent of the vote.”

Unz is not shying away from warning Republicans that returning to bilingual education will damage their already dire electoral fortunes. For Unz, the “disastrous political choices made by California Republicans during the 1990s” sent “the most powerful Republican state party in America” to “the very edge of irrelevance.”

Restoring “failed” bilingual education, he concluded “would probably mark the final nail” in the state party’s coffin, “and rightfully so.”

Yes,  Unz is right.  We will deserve our death by our own hands.

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